Santo Petroleum

is an independent, family-owned and -operated exploration and production company.

We acquire, explore and develop onshore oil and natural gas properties across the United States, with a primary focus on the Permian Basin in southeastern New Mexico, where we have deep roots. Our projects, which include exploration and development opportunities as well as mineral and royalty acquisitions, range from New Mexico to Alabama and from Wyoming to Texas.

Formed in 2010 by members of a family with almost a century of operating history, Santo relies on an experienced leadership team adept at detailed technical analyses and execution of complex projects and transactions. We pride ourselves on a tradition of operational excellence, safety, environmental responsibility, value creation, and strong community relationships.

Exploratory Spirit

When Spanish consquistadors first reached what is now southeastern New Mexico and western Texas, they found tall, waving grasses without distinguishing features or easy line of sight. In order to stay on course, these explorers continually planted straight lines of visible, high stakes in the ground, thus the region’s name Staked Plains (or Llano Estacado in Spanish), as it is known today.

At Santo, our goal is to embody the exploratory spirit of the conquistador pioneers who trekked through the Staked Plains in search of opportunity.