Working With Us

At Santo, we place significant value on our relationships with landowners, partners, and vendors.

Preferred Oil and Gas Partner

Our goal is to be your preferred oil and gas partner – one who deals with you honestly and transparently, consistently does what it says it is going to do, and responds promptly and fairly to your questions and requests.

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Mineral and Royalty Owners

A key aspect of Santo’s business involves acquisition and maintenance of oil and gas leases covering Federal, State, and private lands.

Prior to acquiring an oil and gas lease from a private landowner, Santo determines who owns the mineral rights and the surface rights by tracing the chain of title from inception to current day. In many cases, the mineral rights owner may be different than the surface owner.

Upon executing an oil and gas lease with Santo, the mineral rights owner will receive an upfront payment, or lease bonus. Then, if and when oil and/or gas is produced from the leased property, the owner of the royalty associated with the oil and gas lease receives royalty payments on the oil and gas produced under the lease. Royalty owners are not responsible for any of the costs associated with the drilling, completion, and production process.

If you own land in Santo’s operational focus areas and are interested in leasing, please call our Land department at the main line below or submit an email to

If you are a mineral or royalty owner currently leased to Santo, please address any inquires, including those about revenue distributions or notices of name or address changes, to our Accounting or Land departments at the main line below or via email to In order to protect your interests, all change of name or address requests (see forms linked below) must be submitted in writing with the appropriate documentation and signed by the owner.





Surface Owners

Santo goes to great lengths to be a good steward of the lands on which it conducts its oil and gas activities. We work closely with landowners to find solutions that allow us to carry out our necessary operations while preserving the surface’s environmental and operational integrity. Our goal is to build mutually-respectful relationships with surface owners through honest, frequent, and proactive communication.

Please address all surface owner questions to our Operations departments at the main line below or via email to

Working Interest Owners and Partners

The Santo team has long-standing and deep relationships with fellow oil and gas companies and sophisticated investors, ranging from some of the largest operators in the United States to small privately-owned firms and individuals. Regardless of the size of our partner or the scope of the relationship, we endeavor to be your preferred partner through our operational capabilities, integrity, fairness, and responsiveness.

If you own an oil and gas property or project and are seeking an operator or partner, please contact our Land department at the main line below or submit an email to

If you are an existing working interest owner in one of our operated properties, please address any inquiries regarding joint interest billing, revenue, contractual or other matters to our Accounting or Land departments at the main line below or via email to






Santo’s success is dependent upon the safe and efficient performance of our chosen oil field service and equipment vendors. Therefore, we strive to build mutually-beneficial and long-term working relationships with service providers who share our standards of safety and operational excellence.

If you are interested in developing a working relationship with Santo, please contact our Operations department at our main line below or via email to

If you are an existing vendor and have questions with respect to an outstanding invoice, please either call our Accounting department at our main line below or submit an email to